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Posted 08/20/20

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Inspiration 4 mission to launch on September 15

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Astra applies for the dearMoon mission

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Astra's Star Gate opens a portal into the world of astronomy, space exploration, telescope making, women astronomers and other topics of interest to amateur astronomers and related subjects.

Find out what's up in the night sky, by checking Astra's Celestial Almanac or click the giant question mark.

Read about Inspiration 4 first all citizen mission to launch on Crew Dragon.

ASTRONOMY !!! - Major subpages pages are listed below.

Discover Mars on Astra's Three Faces of Mars page

Astra's Mars pages

For information on the latest oppositions of Mars--
Mars Oppositions - Get to a telescope and observe our exciting neighbor!

APERTURE FEVER - Bigger is Better, Right? - The world of amateur telescope making can be reached through this page.

The UN-official O.T.A.A. web site - Find out what's up in the world of Northeastern Ohio Amateur Astronomy clubs. Major events are listed here and links to club web pages.

Other topical pages include Near-Earth Objects, Mars, Educator's Pages and Internet astronomy offerings.

SPACE EXPLORATION - Humans and Robots in Space

NEW! Citizens in Space - means the Space Frontier is now Open!
dearMoon - a civilian Moon Mission and Astra's aplication to go!
Space Cadet's Corner - Astra's original page of space exploration's grass roots
Lunar Exploration and the Artemis Program
International Space Station (ISS)
Commercial Space Dev. and SpaceX - Space Exploration Technologies Corp.

- - Just for fun, read Astra's "7 Signs You Might be Becoming a SpaceX Boy"

Astra's Young Astronomer's Page - Astronomy page geared to kids, have fun while learning!

STAR WIMIN - Updated 08/25/2020

Women in Astronomy and Science

- - August 2020 - -

The U. S. celebrates the centennial of women winning the right to vote. The 19th amendment that granted women the right to vote was ratified on August 26, 1920 after a century of struggle.

NEAR EARTH ASTEROIDS Astra's Near Earth Asteroid's page - Information about our celestial neighborhood

How do you report an NEA if you spot one? What defenses does planet Earth against another large jurassic-extinction asteroid? How close are they?

MAYA ASTRONOMY - updated 8/09/20

This page contains links to Maya astronomy, general information on the Maya, archeoastronomy links, and more.
The Maya Lunar Series, an original article by Robert Kihm
You may also want to read Astra's lecture on The Maya Astronomy Page.

OBSERVER'S PAGE - Information for Star Gazers, Amateur Astronomers, Astronomy Clubs and Newbies The Observer's page is for beginners and amateurs to negotiate today's world of events, equipment, and over all astro-know-how.span

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Astra's Observing Challenge- An observing program for Amatuers
Astra's Aug 2017 Eclipse Guide! - Total Solar Eclipse!

What's Up? - Astra's monthly almanac reveals what can be seen in the sky every month.

STAR LINKS--The Transporter is Ready to take visitors to astronomy links

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