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About Astra's Stargate

The Gatekeeper has been helping folks understand and navigate astronomy, space, spaceflight, ancient astronomy, women's contributions to science, stargazing and observing for over 20 years. In the early days of Astra's Stargate - the site contained many links to help navigate the world-wide web of astronomy, today there are better search engines so the new focus is to carry more content. We are working on a lot of the pages at the gate, so it doesn't hurt to come back and poke around from time to time. Setup a bookmark and stay in touch.

How to use Astra's Stargate

Astra's Stargate contains 7 subpages that direct visitors to the major subject areas. The Stargate has been on-line for many years and so there are hundreds of pages to choose from. If you find a page you really like and want to refer to often, you should bookmark that page. This list below will tell you where to go to find the subject you are interested in.

Astronomy page

On the Astronomy Astra's Stargate astronomy page links users to Astronomy Organizations, Amateur Astronomy, Telescopes, Magazines and Online Journals, Satellite Observatories, and Images Online.

Astra's content on separate pages include: Three Faces of Mars - - Mars home at Astra's, Spectroscopy, STEM links for educators and students, young astronomers, amateur telescope making, near Earth Objects and Astronomy on the Internet.

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On the Space Pages you will find links to Astra's Space Content: International Space Station and Commercialization of the ISS, Lunar Exploration, Mars Exploration. Subject Page areas include Space Missions , Magazines and Online Journals, Commercial Space Development, NASA's Artemis Mission - sending humans to the Moon, Launch Facilities, Grass Roots, Space Agencies, and the Private Sector with commericialization links. The Space Explorers page also links to Educator's Resources

The Space Page includes link topics: In Orbit - Active Missions , Upcoming Missions , Launch Facilities, Grass Roots,Space Agencies , Private Sector , Commercial Space Program, Other Organizations , Space Journals

SpaceX and the story of Starship are part of Astra's Space Exploration Pages, it is growing to become a mini-site in its own right.

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On the StarWimin pages Astra explores the accomplishments of Women in Astronomy, Science and Engineering, Organizations, Telescopes, Magazines and Online Journals, Satellite Observatories, Images Online.

Astra's content on separate pages include: Wimin's biographies, Named for a woman.

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On the Ancient Astronomy page Astra is working to add to the information amassed on the ancient Maya astronomers, to include ancient astronomy from around the world. Currently topices include Archeoastronomy Links, Maya Astronomy, Maya/Mesoamera, Maya/Mesoamerica Archeology, Maya CalendricsArcheoastronomy Journals, Meso America for the Traveler, Tribute to Linda Schele

A major article at Astra's is the Lunar Series written by R. Kihm.

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On the What's Up in the Night Sky page page you will find a almanac that will alert you to the current celestial events to look out for each month.

What's Up in the Night Sky?  is a monthly almanac for Northern American astronomers
WARNING! You will not find astrological information at Astra's Stargate unless it is embedded in astronomical history. Yes, the stars compel me, but not in the context of modern astrology.

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