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Australia and the South Pacific
Asia and Japan
South America

Sociedad Astronómica de España y América (SADEYA) - Spanish spoken here!
International Astronomy Meetings
International Dark-Sky Association

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Astrophotography, CCDs and Images

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Astronomy Space Art Paintings by amatuer astronomer Rich Costello

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Personal Home Pages

This section is reserved for astronomers who have created their own home page or have their own space at another site. If you would like to see your site added to this list, please use Astra's Contact Page Dawn's Personal Links - Non-Astronomy updated 08/08/13


Linx by Request!

Here are links to sites that requested inclusion, but come under no definate classification at the Star Gate. If you would like your site added to this list, please use Astra's Contact Page for e-mail information.

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Astronomical Links Around the World

Gatekeeper's note: This section can be expanded. It was never intended to be a complete listing, but a sample of web pages from astronomers and astronomical organizations around the world. Please feel free to email me to have your link added. Use Astra's Contact Page


South African Astronomical Observatory
Other Astronomy Clubs in Africa - from SAAO
African Astronomical Society - Africa

Astronomers without Borders

Asia and Japan

National Astronomy Observatory of Japan
Kirdkao Observatory Home Page
Astronomy in Japan by Steve Renshaw - Filled with Japanese astro lore!
Japan Variable Star Observer's League - VSOLJ provides access to database of observer's information
Chinese Astronomical Society (CAS)
Lebanese Astronomical Society
Jordanian Astronomical Society (JAS)

Australia and the South Pacific

Australian Astronomical Observatory
Australia Telescope National Facility - Link to CSIRO
Astronomical Society of Australia (ASA)
Australian-Anglo Observatory Home Page (Australia)
South East Queensland Astronomical Society Home Page
Southern Astronomical Society - in Queensland Australia
Joint Australian Centre for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica - (JACARA)


Canadian Astronomy Data Center (Canada)
Burke-Gaffney Observatory (Halifax, NS, Canada)
The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada


Society for Popular Astronomy
Astronet A Cool Page by Dutch science journalist Carl Koppeschaar
Bologna Astronomical Observatory (Italy)
Lund Observatory - Tycho Brahe
Institut de mécanique céleste et de calcul des éphémérides - IMCCE in France
The Astronomical Association Jyväskylän Sirius (Finland)

South America

La Plata Observatory (Argentina)
The Peruvian Institute of Astronomy


Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
AAVSO (American Association of Variable Star Observers)
American Astronomical Society
ALPO (Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers)
Astronomical League
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
IOTA (International Occulatation Timing Association)
Hawaiian Astronomical Society - Deepsky Atlas
Ohio Turnpike Astronomer's Association - Unofficial Web Page

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