Message From the Gatekeeper

Welcome Astro-Friends!

Astra's Stargate has been on-line for well over 15 years! At last, the biggest news at the "Gate
is the new Near Earth Asteroid Page. It's really a mini-site on its own!  Last Summer, I was really 
excited about the Asteroid Redirect Mission because it seemed that, at long last, space exploration
 would be focused on an area that represents the future of the planet and the best bet for making progress 
 as a space faring society.

I have written a blog post at  This is the precusor to a Starblog planned for Astras.  This
starblog will replace the Gatekeepers's message on the home page, this feature will be preserved.
Oh yes, the blog features Valentina Tereshkova, the first lady astronaut.

I have added a Facebook page to help promote the monthly almanac that I love, but takes up a lot 
of my time. Mr. Ronald A Leeseberg, a.k.a., the Star Geezer faithfully provided the 
"What's Up" almanac for fifteen years. Ron and I produced the internet version at Astra's since 2006. 
Ron retired from the almanac business in 2011. Thank you again, Ron. I am hoping our
almanac can reach more people through FB.

The "What's Up" almanac is written in HTML5, for those of you out there who understand web programming.
This is a new trend . . . some day the entire site will be converted. Check out 
What's Up in the Night Sky? 

Welcome to the Gate!

Dawn Jenkins as Astra

Beam me back, Astra!