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Welcome Astro-Friends!

So Astra's Stargate has a new look. I have been working for the last couple years to update the site and improve some of the 350+ pages at the gate. There may be some dust, there may be some rust but Astra's Stargate will continue to highlight astronomy, space development, woman's achievements, and publish the What's Up almanac on a monthly basis.

Robotic explorers launched to Mars in 2020 are writing new space exploration history. Today we have an advantage over the early explorers because computers and image processing has been improved over the last 50 years. The Mars Exploration Page is online and will be updated soon. Also lookout at the Maya Astronomy page is in the process of being converted to the Ancient Astronomy Page. I haven't been able to resist the current exciting developments in space exploration, so check the site for new pages already posted.

Speaking of the What's Up? almanac, it is the hotspot of the site with a monthly report of what currently up in the sky. It works well on a mobile phone and so you are never far from the answer to that perenniel question, "What's up in the Night Sky?" The "What's Up" almanac is well into its second decade as Astra's Stargate has been on-line for over 20 years!

Astra's Stargate has a Facebook page to let you know when major updates are accomplished and promote the monthly almanac that Mr. Ronald A Leeseberg, a.k.a., the Star Geezer who invented the "What's Up" almanac well, in the last millenium.

Welcome to the Gate!

Dawn Jenkins as Astra

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