We have Loved the Stars Too Fondly to be Fearful of the Night

- Sarah Wilson, poem published 1868

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The Star Hustler - Jack Horkheimer
Henriette Leavitte Flat Screen Space Theater - - Online Planetarium
Online Orrey - The Solar System Live
Bad Astronomy - Astronomy, Hollywood Style, or what's wrong with this picture?


Ohio Turnpike Astronomer's Association - OTAA
Tips and Trickes for Amateur Astronomy Beginners - - from Backyard Astronomer
American Association of Amateur Astronomers
Amateur Astronomy Clubs --From the ASP's list of amateur clubs


International Astronomical Union - IAU
IAU: Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
American Association of Variable Star Observers - AAVSO
American Astronomical Society - AAS
Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers - ALPO
Astronomical League - AL
Astronomical Society of the Pacific - ASP
The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Home Page - RASC
The British Astronomical Association - BAA
International Occulatation Timing Association - IOTA
National Deep Sky Observers Society
SETI Institute - Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence


Astra's Telescope Making Page
Optical Astronomy - - This list is generated by Astro Web
Radio Astronomy - - Beam out to these links from Astro Web
Hubble Space Telescope - - Space Telescope Science Inst

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International Comet Quarterly
Astronomy Now Online
Sky & Telescope Magazine - - Sky Online
Astronomy Resources - from Sky & Telescope
Universe Today - Space Exploration News from Around the Internet
Astronomy Digest - On-line astronomy newsletter offers free email (keep informed and more!)


Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope (HUT) - from the Smithsonian
Spitzer Space Telescope - formerly SIRTF
Chandra Telescope Center Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility (AXAF) - From TRW
Astro-2 and the Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope
Cosmic Background Explorer
Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer
Infrared Astronomical Satellite
Infrared Space Observatory

Solar and Heliospheric Observatory satellite
Space Very Long Baseline Interferometry
Ulysses Solar Mission
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David Malin Images - An extraodinary astrophotographer AAO Photographs to spectra - Australia talks about David Malin
Hubble Telescope Image Gallery - was - Hubble's Greatest Hits
Deep Sky Image Sites - from SEDS
Astronomical Images - from Jerry Lodriguss.
Mr. Eclipse.com - Resource for Eclipse Photography
CCD Tour of the Universe - Deep Sky CCD Imaging - from Jan Wisniewski
Galaxy Stock Photos and Images - Browse a Massive Collection of Astro-Images for Sale

Also See the Starlinks page for Astrophotgraphy, tips and hints

CCD Imaging - this section is new and growing!

Jan's site above also contains imaging tutorials!
Richard Berry and the CCD Camera Cookbook Home Page - from
From Film to CCD - from Pedro Ré


Astronomy Lecture Notes - - professor Nick Strobel shares his class notes on introductory astronomy. His material is very good and there will be a 2019 version of his book Astronomy Notes available soon.
Views of the Solar System - - Home Page
Calendars, Time & Chronology - from the History of Astronomy page
Need the Time? Synchronize your Watch with the Naval Observatory

For more Astronomy Links, check out Astra's Starlinks Page

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