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Astra didn't want to just give you a list of links to look at. The sites are not rated, but anything on this page is bound to be a HIT, especially with grade-school children. Sometimes sites for grownups can be confusing or stuffed with so much information, we just get a head ache looking at it. So this site is for the future generation of scientists, explorers, inventors and artists! Bookmark this page so you can come back and look at the other sites in this listing. I think you'll have so much fun here, you'll want to come back, again and again!

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Solar System & Astronomy - from Kiddyhouse.com

This site has a lot of activities and was made for home schooling

Astronomy for Kids

Planets, Facts, Send a Postcard to a Friend


Planets - Zoom Astronomy

A very large site that lets you add to your knowledge as you get smarter. There are quizzes and puzzles to help you grow !

Science Astronomy for Kids - from Ducksters

A large site for young astronomers of all ages. There's so much stuff to look at here, you'll love it. Free, on-line astronomy classes (Astra hasn't tried any), News, Teacher's Corner and more.

A link by request from a young astronomer in Colorado looking for aurora borealis information:

What is an Aurora? - From NASA's Space Place

A site sent to Astra from a young astronomer:

Astronomy from your Patio - from MJJ market umbrellas

Astronomy Resources for Kids - the AAA State of Play blog can help you find more astronomy and space activities.

CosmicKids - Hubble Space Telescope

This Hubble Telescope page looks interesting.

NASA Kids' Club

Here's a Space Place just for you! Play games and learn about NASA

ESA Kids

European Space Agency's Kids, "Our Universe"

Mars for kids

StarChild - Learning Center for Young Astronomers

From NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, site contains two levels, question of the month, excellent information on astronomy, and even has sound files, so you can just listen.

Did you know that math is the power behind Astronomy? Making calculations is so important in astronomy that before the age of computers, people were employed as human computers. By request, here's site that will help you improve your math skills.

Tutorbot - Over 100 different games! Choose your own character and improve your skill. Used by schools and parents!

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Elevators in Space?

It cost a lot to launch rockets and some people thought we could build an elevator to lift us above Earth's surface. Elevator.com talks about space elevators on their Space Elevators and Astronomy page. Here you will also find links to astronomy and space activities.

Astronomy for Youth

An Amateur Astronomy club in Lucas, OH

Astronomy Jokes

Learn a bit of Astronomy and enjoy some jokes

Top children's sites from Los Angelos Times' Barbara J. Feldman. Below the astronomy links are her picks in other areas

Astronomy for Kids - from Rochester for Kids (New York)

SuperKids Software Review of Astronomy


KidGrid - From the Marbles Kids Museum

Astra doesn't just want sites that are "Kid Safe", Astra wants sites that are "Kid Approved" If you have a favorite astronomy site that's fun for you, use Astra's Contact Page to send e-mail and I'll add it here for others to share.

This file was updated on 3/8/23.

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