Dawn's Personal Page of Non-Astronomical Linx

At last, I've decided to give my astro-fans links to pages outside the world of astronomy. These links go to my own personal bookmarks on my favorite places. I have updated and added some links to reflect my new interest--ham radio and Starfleet-The International Fan Club.

Ham Radio Links

Star Fleet - The International Fan Club

Hall of Fame

Earth Culture

Links for Women

Oh, My Goddess!

My favorite Goddess pages of the past have become outdated, but until I find new favorites, check out this one...p>

Recipe Places and More!

There are many other recipe sources out there. We'll never need a cookbook again, although I have many and still use them all the time.

Astra's Astrology Links

These few links are for Seekers on other paths. I do not endorse astrology and they do not belong on Astra's astronomy pages.

Web Stuff

Astra Stargate's Family Room

family.html Added a page for my family, a personal adventure that Astra's star friends may enjoy...

Last Modified 04/19/2023