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This Page is for Those Who Keep the Dream Alive!


NASA's STS-107 Memorial Page's Columbia Special Report Page
The Astronaut Memorial Foundation
Columbia Accident Investigation Board
Astronaut/Cosmonaut Memorial Site


Space Visionaries - those who helped us leave the gravity well
OHIO Space Special Interest Groups
Three Faces of Mars - Mars Exploration on the Web
Astra's Educational Links for Teachers and Students
Astra's Near Earth Objects page
Astra's Mir Page - No Longer Updated! Most links don't work but it's an interesting archive


NASA Watch - a Non-NASA site
Space.Com - a great place for information
Florida Today's Space features- - Latest Activities in Space!
NASA on Human Exploration of Space
NASA Astronaut Home Page - from NASA
Space Future <= - - this website hasn't been update since 2012, but still contains a lot of information
Gunter's Space Page


The Planetary Society
SEDS - - Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
Space Frontier Foundation
National Air and Space Museum - USA museum celebrating space exporation
National Space Society - an grassroot non-profit organization dedicated to the creation of a spacefaring civilization.


Challenger Center Home Page
International Space Station
Mars Society
Space Shuttle Home Page
The SETI League, Inc. - international organization dedicated to the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.
Lunar Prospector Program
Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous
Mars Exploration Program
Reusable Launch Vehicles - A major innovation for bringing down the cost of launching payloads

ASTRONAUT WANNABES (4 all U Space Cadets)

How to Become an Astronaut - from NASA
Explore Space Tech
See what it's Like! Earth from Space - images taken by Astronauts in Space . . . Fabulous!

Please Note: Educational Pages from NASA are generally located on the Educational Links Page, this section is a bit different as you can see

Science@NASA - pages here contain some great stuff, you can also subscribe to this service
Space Calendar - maintained by Ron Baalke
Today@NASA - NASA News Highlights


National Air and Space Museum
International Women's Air and Space Museum

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