Astra has just added the Starfleet Page in honor of Starfleet, the International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc. (SFI) This page represnts as a new major section at the Star Gate! In 2003, I joined the organization along with two of my friends. Together we joined the crew of the U.S.S. Jurassic, a local Ohio correspondence chapter. Jurassic members are into two things (among others) that I really love, ham radio and dinosaurs. That, along with our penchant for Star Trek® has been a fortunate combination. Today even more of my friends have joined us!

I have attended classes at SFI's, "Starfleet Academy." Through hard work and determination, I've earned two Ph.D.'s at the Vulcan Science Academy in Space Exploration as well as Ph.D.'s in Federation Law and Engineering. After serving a few years on the Jurassic, I was promoted to Chief of the Science Department. I've earned the rank of Lieutenant Commander and I am studying to become a full Commander.

Please check out the Stellar Cartography Page. I've finished my first cut on the Flash gallery of Stellar Cartography and Light Lessons. The idea for this tutorial is what inspired all the Starfleet Pages you see at Astra's!

That's it for now, in the future this page will take you to more content at Astra's. For now, enjoy these links to Starfleet, International, U.S.S. Jurassic and other points in the world of Star Trek®. There's lots more to come so tune in again soon.

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