A Weekend at Risa
Photographers: Nancy Hall and Dawn Jenkins
Starfleet Region One Summit 2006
May 14 - 15, 2006

Welcome to "A Weekend at Risa" the Starfleet 2006 Region One Summit gallery. These pages are filled with pictures taken with digital cameras owned by Dawn Jenkins and Nancy Hall. Although we took many of the images ourselves, occasionally we were got a little help from our friends and were able to appear together. Nancy (KC4IYD) and I (KC8SQN) brought along our esteemed colleague, Diane McElwain. The photogalleries contain links to the full size picture, once you click on a gallery page, you should be able to do a "save as" and capture the full version of any photo you like. Please e-mail Dawn Jenkins, kc8sqn @ yahoo . com if you have any problems.

Starfleet Region One Summit
gen_IMG_2443 gen_risa0003 sci_risa0005 sfa_panel
General Session Officer of the Year Science Officers SF Academy Panel
Actor William Blair and Makeup Artist Carl T. showing off their stuff at the Summit
do_risa0007 do_risa0008 fun_risa0011 fun_IMG_2463
Making Bill Over Carl at Work Photo Opportunity Klingon attack!
fun_risa0015 jail_risa0018 rem_IMG_2470 xbillncarl2
K'Blair and McElwain Jailed! Makeup Removal War on Titan
Evening Festivities and Costume Contest judged by Bill and Carl
costMG_2472 costrisa0019 costIMG_2479 costx_IMG_2482
costMG_2472.jpg   costrisa0019.jpg Carl and Bill The Winner!
Closing Ceremonies - All Good Things Come to an End
risa0033 risa0038 risa0041 Region One Logo
R1 Summit Team Risa Closing   Dawn, Carl & Nancy Starfleet Region One

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