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Sky Lore for Leo, the Lion

Aries is a rather obscure constellation that lies below Andromeda, above Cetus and to the west of Taurus. This is a placeholder for the Leo Star Chart

Regulus is the brightest star in Leo,

Of course there are many other fine telescopic objects in Aries which is best seen in the Fall.

The star chart above was generated by Stellarium, a free open source planetarium program. The above image was created by Dawn Jenkins, using Stellarium and a graphic editing program to format the image for this web page. Editing was done for educational purposes only. Stellarium offers much more to amatuer astronomers and is being used in planetariums and to guide telescopes in the field. Simple charts like the one above can be used on the internet for non-profit, illustration purposes. Proper credit is due of course! Thank you to the makers of this fine program from Astra's Star Gate.

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