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Binocular Group

Many beginners are ready to plunk down their money and purchase a new telescope without ever studying the night sky. Most seasoned observers will caution beginners with the advice, "Why not try a pair of good binoculars first?" There's a good reason for this. First of all, much of the night sky can be explored without a tremendous outlay of cash, but good binoculars of ine optical quality can be expensive as well. Astra promises you that you won't need a $600 binocular to observe this group of objects.

The binocular group will give you a sample of just what can be seen with a pair of binoculars. Binoculars can help beginners to learn the night sky. It takes a little determination, star charts and patience to discover the constellations and the star patterns that amazed our ancestors. The prize showpieces for binoculars are open and globular star cluster, though some galaxies lend themselves to binoculars, as well. Especially a larger pair that you'll want to place on a solid observing platform or tripod.

Be warned, this list contains some abbreviations that Astra is not going to explain to you. Standard abbreviations for constellations and objects are used ( i.e., OC = Open Cluster.) Coordinates for these objects will be published at a later date. If anything really confuses you, use Astra'a contact page to ask me directly.

Astra has chosen a sampling of some of the binocular observations you can make.This list is arranged in a "seasonal" order, that you will understand if you start to use this list. Below the list is an observing form that you can use to track your own observations. In the future, a pdf form will also be available at this site. You will also notice a variation between the two lists. This is intentional and is meant to illustrate that a multitude of objects could have been chosen for any group in this program.

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M 6 -OC - SCO M 36 - OC - AUR
M 7 - OC - SCO M 37 - OC - AUR
M 17 - Neb - SGR "Omega" M 38 -OC - AUR
M 8 Neb - SGR "Trifid"
M 20 Neb - SGR "Lagoon" M 44 - OC - CNC "Beehive"
M 13 - GC - HER Como Star Cluster

Sagittarius Star Cloud Andromeda Galaxy
Scutum Star Cloud M 45 Pleiades
Double Cluster - OC - PER  
MOON M 33 - Galaxy - TRI
Copernicus Crater  
Mare Crisium  

This Report Form May Be Used As Is or Additional Objects Can be Added.


Observation Report Form
M 6 - OC - SCO _______ _______________________________________________
M 7 - OC - SCO _______ _______________________________________________
M 8 - Neb - SGR - "Lagoon" _______ _______________________________________________
M 13 - GC - HER _______ _______________________________________________
M 20 - Neb - SGR - "Trifid" _______ _______________________________________________
M 22 - GC - SGR _______ _______________________________________________

Sagittarius Star Cloud

_______ _______________________________________________
Scutum Star Cloud _______ _______________________________________________
Double Cluster - OCs - PER
_______ ______________________________________________
Andromeda Galaxy _______ ______________________________________________
M 45 - OC - TAU - Pleiades _______ ______________________________________________
  _______ ______________________________________________
M 42 Neb ORI _______ ______________________________________________
M 44 - OC - Behive    
Como Star Cluster _______ ______________________________________________
MOON _______ ______________________________________________
EXTRA CREDIT _______ ______________________________________________
IC 4756 Star Cluster OPH _______ ______________________________________________


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