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After I began working in the Microgravity Science Division at NASA Glenn Research Center, I was inspired to work up this page of Links to Microgravity Science on the World Wide Web. Please check out Microgravity Fluid Physics page. I also helped develop a web site for Combustion Module-1 a fascinating facility capable of being re-used on the shuttle Columbia many times. I hope you find Mu-G as interesting as I do!


Just the Basic Facts....

Facts on Microgravity & Space Research from Marshall (great if you are just getting into it!)
References on Microgravity
STS-78 Press Kit: Microgravity Science Investigations
LeRC - Educational Info on MicroG
Space Science Microgravity Center
Microgravity from Spacelink

NCMR National Center for Microgravity Research from USRA

Zero Gravity Research Facility
The ISS Fluids & Combustion Facility
The International Space Station Facility
Microgravity Science and Applications
2.2 Second Drop Tower
Drop Tower "Bremen" - Click Here for ZARM/FAB index

Microgravity for Tech Innovations - Describes the Facilities at The Japan Microgravity Center - AND -
The HNIRI 10M Drop Tower. Sponsored by the Hokkaido National Industrial Research Institute
Microgravity Science News and Research - Sponsored by NASA Marshall Space Sciences Lab

For the Scientists

Microgravity Science - Related Meetings and Symposia - Calendar of professional meetings
Committee on Microgravity Research (CMGR) - From the National Research Council
NASA Resident Research Associateship Program - - For MicroGravity Researchers
Microgravity Research Experiments DataBase - A Searchable Database

Space Programs

National Space Development Agency of Japan
Space Station This is NASDA (Japanese Microgravity Page on MSL-1)
ESA, Manned Spaceflight and Microgravity
Microgravity Sciences Program - MSP - - From the Canadian Space Agency

NASA Microgravity Pages

Microgravity Science Division Home Page - at NASA Glenn Research Center
Microgravity Research Division - At Headquarters
Microgravity Science & Applications Division - At Marshall Space Flight Center
Microgravity Newsletter Home Page

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