A Weekend at Risa - Costume Contest
Photographers: Nancy Hall and Dawn Jenkins
Starfleet Region One Summit 2006
May 14 - 15, 2006
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Saturday Night fun included dinner, a costume contest, dancing and socializing.


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costIMG_2471 costIMG_2475 costIMG_2478 costIMG_2479
Alternate Kirk costIMG_2475.jpg costIMG_2478.jpg Carl and Bill
costIMG_2480 costMG_2472 costrisa0019 costrisa0020
costIMG_2480.jpg costMG_2472.jpg costrisa0019.jpg costrisa0020.jpg
costrisa0021 costrisa0022 costrisa0023 costx_IMG_2482
costrisa0021.jpg costrisa0022.jpg costrisa0023.jpg The Winner!

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