A Weekend at Risa - Bill Blair Photo Ops
Photographers: Nancy Hall and Dawn Jenkins
Starfleet Region One Summit 2006
May 14 - 15, 2006
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I really enjoyed Bill Blair as K'Blair and Carl T.'s stories at the Summit!


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fun_risa0010 fun_risa0011 fun_risa0012 fun_risa0014
K'Blair and T'Carl Photo Opportunity K'Blair and Hall Klingon Attack !
fun_risa0015 jail_IMG_2468 jail_risa0016 jail_risa0018
K'Blair and McElwain K'Blair in Jail Unhappy in Jail Jailed!
rem_IMG_2469 rem_IMG_2470 xIMG_2462crop xbillncarl2
Removing Makeup The Mask Comes Off Bill and Dawn War on Titan

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