A Weekend at Risa - Bill Blair Home Page
Photographers: Nancy Hall and Dawn Jenkins
Starfleet Region One Summit 2006
May 14 - 15, 2006
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Bill Blair and Carl T. amazed and and intrigued us all with Carl's expert makeup job, turning Bill into a Klingon right at the conference. Bill obliged us by treating us to a photo opportunity with him and being patient with us while we put him in jail and took his picture! Thanks Bill and Carl! Check out the last picture where I used Photoshop to put Carl and Bill on Titan! You can check out Bill's home page at www.alienactor.com.


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do_risa0007 do_risa0008 fun_IMG_2457 fun_IMG_2458
Making Bill Over Carl at Work Batliff Struggle Bill and Carl
fun_IMG_2459 fun_IMG_2460 fun_IMG_2462 fun_IMG_2463
K'Blair and Remaly K'Blair and Hall Jenkins Threatened Klingon attack!
fun_IMG_2464 fun_IMG_2465 fun_IMG_2467 fun_risa0009
K'Blair and McElwain Photo Op Remaly and Hall Batliff !

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