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This page was created for a after school activity for young teens. In this class a mock "Mars Mission" allowed the students to become mission planners, Mars scientists and astronauts. The Mars links below were created to help the students find materials for course activities. Hope this helps you in your quest to understand and visit Mars. Explore!


Learn about Planet Mars

NASA's Mars Exporation Home
Explore Space Classroom Activities - from the Lunar and Planetary Institute.
Hubble Space Telescope Mars Images
Exploring Mars: Mars the Planet -from Space Today On-line

Human Mars Missions

NASA’s Journey to Mars: Pioneering Next Steps in Space Exploration - a pdf
A Crewed Mission to Mars - National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC)
Mars Exploration Strategies an AIAA paper with helpful information
Race to Mars - Discovery channel
Manned Mission to Mars Wikipedia Article on Mars Missions
Exploring Mars:- Mars Exporation - from Space Online Today
International pace University (ISU)1991 - Design for an International Mars Mission
MEPAG - Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group
No one has spent more time, effort, and resources than NASA to study and define a workable Mars Mission. Here you will find the papers from current and past conferences.

The Long Voyage to Mars

How Long would a trip to Mars take? - from Astronomy Cafe's Mars Page
Live Simulation Mars from Classroom of the Future and NASA. (Resources for Educators and Students)
Radiation Hazard - Force shield paper from the Institute of Physics
Human Adaptation to Space from Wikipedia
Trip to Mars in 90 days? - far out!
Disclaimer: This article was written in 2004, over a decade ago

Hohmann Transfer Orbit

Flight to Mars: How Long? Along what path? -from Stargazers to Starship website
Trajectories - JPL's Basics of Space Flight
Orbital Shapes Animation - this Hohmann transfer ellipse from Earth to Jupiter

Useful Mars Parameters
Eccentricity = .093527
Semi Major Axis = 1.52 AU

Date Calculator - Make Launch Date Calculations

Mars Site Selection

Sites from DRA 5.0

HiRISE DATA on DRA 5.0 Sites

Jezero - HiRISE
Fan with light-toned deposits west of Jezero delta- HiRISE Page
Centauri Montes - HiRise Page
Mangala Valles Northwestern Slope Valleys

HiWish - Public Suggestion Site
HiRise Mars Browser
HiWish Image Viewer
Dawn's HiWish

General Site Selection Information

Mars Human Landing Site Workshop 2015 Presentations
USGS Mars Map - From MOLA Data
Selecting a Landing Site for Human Missions to Mars - presented by Dr. Sydney Do (2016) fairly technical with no specific candidates mentioned.
Landing sites for 2020 Rover - view the slideshow to see the Mars sites of interest
Mars Landing Site Catalog - More on Site Selection (Check the list of 153 sites)
Evidence of Water on Mars - Geology.Com
Hellas Planitia - Wikipedia Link to Images of Hellas Basin from JPL
NASA PDS Database Mars Data Holdings - look up some stuff from here
Google Mars - Check out your site

Mars Reference Mission Architecture - Post Materials

Human Exploration of Mars (DRA 5.0) - 100-page report
Mars DRA 5.0 Addendum - 406-page DRA 5.0 Addendum
TM-2003-210785 - Guidelines and Capabilities for Designing Human Missions
NASA/TP 2001 209371: The Mars Surface Reference Mission

Evolvable Mars Campaign (EMC)

Other Reference Mission Materials

Mars DRA 5.0 Executive Summary - 31-page summary
Mars Reference Mission - Download Page
Mars Atlas from NASA's Exploration Page - Surface features
NASA's Mars Reference Mission - Reference Mission Version 3.0
CHAOS 2004 - Theme: Mission Mars, Part 1 - Download Paper on Site Selection.

Links to Educational Activities

Let's go to Mars activity - What will you take with you?
Challenger Center Earth to Mars Engineer Design Challenge - Grades 9-10

Mars Archive

List of all Mars Manned Missions - From the Encyclopedia Astronautica by Mark Wade
NASA Lewis (Glenn) Proposed Mars Mission in 1960 - from the Encyclopedia Astronautica
Von Braun's plan for Mars

While I think its going to be a long, long time, here is Oscar Castellino's premiere performance:
Rise to Mars anthem

More information can be found at Astra's Stargate on the 3 Faces of Mars page

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