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Name: Dan Ledenican
City / Country: Chardon Date: Tue Sep 9 21:47:08 2003
Comment: Just browsing. Great Site! Dawn.

Name: kimberley (Homepage)
City / Country: narringal east Date: Tue Aug 26 10:04:32 2003
Comment: hi

Name: Lois wolf
City / Country: Milan Date: Thu Jul 31 02:50:56 2003
Comment: I'm the director of Sidney Frohman Planetarium in Sandusky. I just happened on this page, it's cute! Thanks for all the hard work.

Name: Dennis
City / Country: Cleveland Date: Fri Jan 31 05:35:21 2003
Comment: Oops I forgot to leave my name and e-mail on previous log :)

City / Country: Date: Fri Jan 31 05:33:13 2003
Comment: Nice site!! I have rekindled my interest in Astronomy. My Father I believe knew Tom Dobbins and he used to have a picture of the 31" telescope. So he probably also knew Norm Oberle.
My Dad built telescopes at his Business "Cleveland Instruments Co." My father passed away in '87. Anyways nice job on your site!!!

Name: David Frankel
City / Country: arroyo hondo Date: Fri Oct 4 03:40:41 2002
Comment: muchisimas gracias por su sitio sobre los maya.
Do you have a suggestion for a first title for somebody interested in archeoastronomy

Name: Katie Somerville (Homepage)
City / Country: Texas Date: Sat Sep 7 22:57:02 2002
Comment: Wow! This is a cool site! I'm just coming in to astronomy, and your website is very helpful. The layouts as well as your optimisim (don't ask how I got that word) is great!

Name: andy miller
City / Country: conneaut , ohio Date: Wed Aug 28 05:17:15 2002
Comment: Great web site.Im a moderator of threee yahoo astronomy groups, and youll be glad to know that female member numbers are climbing.Keep up the good work.

Name: Bob Cook
City / Country: Cottage Grove, Date: Sat Jul 6 21:59:12 2002
Comment: Am I having trouble registering? Yours is an interesting site - I'll be back.

Name: astro bum
City / Country: cleveland Date: Fri May 10 02:41:44 2002
Comment: your page is getting better dawn
your links are most useful john

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